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Brand: Designer Direct knitwear
    Finish at Home designer knitwear is for creative people who want to add their own unique designer signature to studio crafted handloom knitwear.

    There are Five Designer Tops to choose to see more please click here Home finishing handloom knitwear

    Home finishing knitwear can be ordered, unjoined , stitch joined or crochet joined.

    Crafted by hand in Yeoman Yarn Italian Ck 100% cotton 'This natural cotton is ideal for home dying in colours just right for you - click here to read more.

    To Order

      Choose Top style you require, then choose small or medium size and then choose the finishing option you require.

      Once you place your order a member of the studio team will be in touch within 48 hrs* to discuss your exact sizing and any design preferences you may have.

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