Colour Manadal Affirmation

Colour Manadal Affirmation

What is your colour personality?

Since ancient times, Nine has been known as a significant number amazingly, we all stem out from nine defined categories.

Mandala artwork by – Theresa Sundt internationally renown colour therapist and artist

Each of the nine numbers relates to its own colour and each have its own unique energy.

The Nine colour numerology system helps us uncover our own unique colour personality and channel this energy in positive ways.

‘Know Your Colour Personality’.

Simply write down your birthday – Day, Month, Year, for example 23-05-1974

Add all the numbers together 2+3+5+1+9+7+4 = 31. Reduce this total to a single number
3+1=4. Your number is 4, therefore your personality is green

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