Colour Therapy Treatments

Colour Therapy Treatments

Discover mental and physical wellbeing in the comfort of your home.

Theresa Sundt (Amarillio) has since 2003 been a certified colour therapist.

Theresa’s system of colour therapy comes complete with the Tried and Tested Colour Therapy Treatments manual.

Colour and Light therapy treatments for everyday wellbeing.

The colour therapy torch is accompanied by seven high saturation glass filters, each one delivery therapeutic benefits with a specific treatment.

Our cells generate vital energy from light.

Colour and Light therapy, balance and replenish this energy.

Light has been proven to be actively involved in regulating different bio chemical processes in our body, each part of the body absorbs a certain wavelength of light.

From ‘Color Discovery’

There are 22 Tried and Tested Treatments in the manual.

Suitable for adults, babies and children.

This simple to follow system of therapy allows you to carry out healing at any time and in any place

Coloured light has instant effects on our energy

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Using the colour therapy touch