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Ether Cones

Ether Cones

Advanced and Refined by Kimmy and Bob Spreadbough

Ether Works cones attract and move ether

Ether Works have over the years refined the method and components that go into each powerful cone

Each cone contains a quartz crystal connected to a shungite stone at the base with a copper coil.

Attractive and feel good to hold.

The cones also have layers of Orgonite a substance designed to accumulate Ether.

Each cone and Hand Hold button is based upon Willhelm Reichs work where he discovered by sandwiching organic, crystalline, organic, crystalline materials, ether would be attracted to the organic material and reflected by the crystalline thus accumulating

Ether Works devices are made from proven organic recipes, known to have ether accumulating and channelling benefits, which the crystalline pyramid cone dispels according.

Ether Works, Hand Hold buttons are for holding and carrying in hands, pockets and bags. They have a protective effect from Electromagnetic Frequencies, such as Wi-Fi.

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