Theresa Sundt – profile

Theresa Sundt – profile

THERESA SUNDT artist and colour therapist

My strong connection with colour is in my DNA, as I was born under the golden Greek light at the beginning of springtime when nature is full of colour and scent. Most of my childhood was spent swimming and snorkelling in turquoise seas forming a strong constitution from the huge intake of vitamin C, which gets me going in full speed throughout my life. Thank you so much Father Sun.

I spent 20 years teaching art and expressing the beauty around me through my work, mainly hand-woven tapestries. I dyed most of the fibres I used always fascinated by the effects the sun and the soil had on the plants for the variety of colours they produced. Then I discovered through Suzy Chiazzari’s book titled COLOUR that our whole energy responds to the spectrum. With novice’s thirst, I created my Colour Healing Tapestries business, using the seven colours of the spectrum to create cross-stitch designs on canvas. People could choose the stitching kits in the most appropriate colour for their needs and get exposed to their healing properties, while actively meditating through stitching’s repetitive rhythm. In 1999 colour therapy was still in its infancy, few people heard of it and the ones who did, did not know what to do with it.

I went on to study Colour Therapy and before too long I started working as the colour therapist consultant for Bioptron’s state-of-the-art healing products. Polarised, polychromatic and incoherent light via seven bio-informed colour lenses was doing powerful healing in all areas, body, mind and spirit! Parallel to my work with Bioptron I started teaching colour therapy in school, retreats, lectures and workshops   in the corporate world. The seven colour puppets beautifully conceived by the talented British puppeteer Katherine Morton, accompanied me in far places all over the world to enhance my presentations. It was thrilling to watch how colour never failed to boost people’s well being. Art was crucial as part of experiencing the different moods of colour, adding to it the meditative power of creativity. I soon added information about how our colours, defined by the numbers of our date of birth totally affect our behaviour and relationships. My custom-made Birthday Colours Portraits are energetic portraits based on the four colours of our date of birth: colour of the day, colour of the month, colour of the year and the overall colour. These ‘portraits’ depict one’s Personality’s Colours; they are custom made pictures, made with best quality yarn in fine woven patterns. There is so much insight for each different colour and our behaviour is directly connects us to it. Just by looking at those ‘energetic portraits’ one gets a clear idea about the person’s strengths and shortcomings. This understanding helps to bring acceptance that encourages a peaceful life and it shows us how to reach our full potential. I also give one to one session on colour personality analysis.

More than a decade later, thousands of people have heard about the therapeutic side of colour in healing and art, but there was always something missing: colour therapy was still not part of their lives. The price of the state-of-the-art colour therapy devices like Bioptron’s products made healing with light inaccessible to many. Colour Therapy needed to be readily available, affordable and easy to use so it could slowly become an essential part of daily hygiene, but there was nothing out there to fulfil those requirements.

After three years of experimenting with magnanimous and complicated models, basic simplicity was the answer: I created a simple-to-use portable and affordable colour therapy torch that costs no more than a single holistic treatment. Colour Therapy in a nutshell! A small LED torch, battery operated with a custom-made rubber fitting where seven handmade glass filters is easily attached and removed, according to the colour-light needed. A step-by-step manual with 22 tried and tested treatments were my bread and butter, for my clients, my family and friends. The illuminated torch slightly touches the skin for one minute per pressure point, or half a minute for children and babies. Each treatment in the book accurately shows which colour to use and precisely where to apply it, as well as the list of imbalances it can help to harmonise. We call the imbalances ‘illnesses’ and the clear energy ‘health’.

The first treatment in the book, Energy Balance, is a six-minute routine (or three minutes for babies) that is part of our daily regime. In the same way we brush our teeth every morning, we can balance our energy to kick-start our day. Headaches, menopause, colic, sleeping difficulties and lack of concentration are among the 22 symptoms addressed in the manual. I keep my colour therapy torch and filters in a silk pouch in my handbag always ready for action, day or night anywhere in the world.

My wish and intension is that through this basic, affordable torch a wide audience could get familiar with the healing properties of colour light. Once Colour-Light-Therapy takes an important role in our-wellbeing, there are some amazing, colour therapy devises in the market worth investing on. The new generation is open to alternative healing; our mission is to educate them about therapies that play such a fundamental part in our own lives and professions.