Author: <span>Bob Haywood</span>


Artist, musician, craftsman, writer, poet, teacher, project manager, filmmaker and mentor Chris’s interdisciplinary approach to creativity likely stems from spending his childhood in a Suffolk village timber framed Tudor house, where free from parental constraint he discovered the joy of creative expression and thought. leaving school at the earliest opportunity, excelling …

A poem by Chris May

You are the type I likeFor want of a fancy fontI’ll make do with standard lettersAnd I f I can’t say what I wantI’ll choose an emoji  Words, feelings, arguments.AgreementsA dispute, a virtual riotText me when you have a momentphone me when it’s quietSend me a voicemail I’ll receive it with …


The creation of an art centre, what it took, people involved and what it has become , creative and preforming studios, place of learning, practice, rehearsal, gigging, performance, meeting, networking facility, prop-making, screen printing, woodworking and metalworking workshop’s, etc….,

Souk participation

Joining is easy, just add your details to the local business directory on the home page and a member of the team will get back to you.

SOUK UK creation was inspired by the Arts Councils video call to action, ‘LETS CREATE’


The is an online community of independent participating creative people and small businesses advertising and selling their products, entertainment or services Participation increases internet SEO positioning…


Souk visitors order directly from artists, craftspeople, entertainers and authors, avoiding sales commission and bank charges


News, chatting and sharing, where knowledgeable enthusiasts, craftspeople, entertainers, authors, wellbeing practitioners, trainers and mentors keep in-touch