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Product orders placed within SOUK SHOPPING or purchased directly from the supplier of the product or service described or introduced from within the are done so under the terms and conditions.

The is a non-commercial, non-profit-making free educational service for creative authentic artisans and creative entertainers to inform individuals and fellow creative individuals looking for reliable creative individualistic products and services and project collaboration about themselves, products, services, craft, art and skills.

The does not sell any creative individuals or small businesses products or service or charge for presenting artisans, musicians, photographers, illustrators and artist products or services anywhere within it’s Local directory, Bogging, Online shop ordering facility and Website.

Furthermore, does not charge for linking creative individuals product information services and profiles appearing on the to their own online shopping cart or any other internet website or sales cart they may already use to sell their products, including industry business directories, interviews, shows, music clips, online image libraries, galleries and events.

All artisans, their products and services depicted, described and introduced within the are done so for educational purposes and the promotion of the creative arts in general and authentic individuals selling creative products and entertainment services more effectively than they may already be accomplishing.

Whilst ever-effort is made to ensure all artisans, products and services are authentic, genuine and reliable, due to digital practical reasons of logistics and availability of voluntary administration staff, are unable to accept responsibility for a individual supplier meeting the quality of goods and services provided or their meeting of any copyright infringements transgressed.