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Theresa Sundt – Colour Discovery

Theresa Sundt is an internationally renowned therapist, craft teacher and artist, using light and colour to bring about good health and wellness.

Art and History of Art BA graduate of Haifa University,

Theresa, has always worked with colour as an art teacher and as a professional artist. since 2003.

Becoming a certified colour therapist under the guidance of June Mc Leod, Theo Gimbell and Peter Mandel. Since graduating in the early 20s, Theresa has gone on, amongst a busy life of international speaking engagements and teaching workshops, to write several industry acclaimed books and publications regarding the value and importance of using colour to aid wellness and beauty.


Colour Manadal Affirmation

What is your colour personality? Since ancient times, Nine has been known as a significant number amazingly, we all stem out from nine defined categories. Mandala artwork by – Theresa Sundt internationally renown colour therapist and artist Each of the nine numbers relates to its own colour and each have …

Nine Colour Personality cards

What is your colour personality – Theresa Sundt Colour Personality cards come in a set of nine and a simple explanation sheet, which takes you step-by-step through finding your unique colour based upon birth dates Since ancient times Nine has been known as significant number, amazingly, we all stem out …