ANNE LAVENE – Fashion designer, Teacher, Mentor

ANNE LAVENE – Fashion designer, Teacher, Mentor

Anne, a visionary creative entrepreneur and skilled knitwear designer, embarked on a remarkable journey in the fashion industry. After completing her studies at the Southend School of Fashion Design, she founded her own bespoke couture knitwear design company, The House of Lavene, in 1984.

‘Anne’s innovative approach to designer knitwear is a breath of fresh air’ say textile designers and her bespoke cliental throughout the world,.

Anne’s mastery of knitwear designs seamlessly integrating coloured yarn into trendy fashion has earned her worldwide recognition

The House of Lavene has revolutionised the world of machine knitwear, making it accessible to both experienced craftspeople and beginners alike. Their innovative Visual Patterns system empowers individuals to create stunning handloom knitwear on inexpensive domestic machines.

In addition to her bespoke service and visual easy to follow pattern system, Anne, offers a selection of her Designer Direct collection ‘Finish at Home’ garments for creative individuals to finish at home.

This unique offer is part of Anne’s willingness to help others learn how to create stunning designer garments and accessories at home.

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