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Miniatures on the Lane

From the Half Button stable
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1. Blissful Baby - High quality digital printed card - measuring 15x15cm

2. Vintage 1980, 6 miniature Elephants mounted on beans, within a 5 sided solid silver enamel trinket box (not sterling) - Measuring 3.5x 2.5cm

3. Vintage Porcelain Dish, with hand painted floral motif - measuring 5cm diameter

4. Tiny Fairy in a bottle

5. Very-Very Tiny hand crafted and painted Elephant

6. Cat and the Moon, gold alloy Broach

7. Small Leather covered note book with pressed Indian peace symbol OM hand pressed upon front cover - Measuring 8x10cm

8. Vintage London Zoo miniature anniversary vase - Measuring 6.5H 5cm Diameter

9. Vintage Silver Lapis Lazuli six sided trinket book - Measuring 5x3.5cm

10. Vintage small hand carved orange onyx Elephant

11. Vintage Oyster shell trinket dish mounted upon 3 Nickel silver feet - Measuring 9x5cm

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