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The Art of Colour Therapy

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By Theresa Sundt
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Colour therapy uses colour and light to bring balance to our body, mind and spirit.

The “Art of Colour Therapy” book, by Theresa Sundt, is a practical guide that uses colour as a tool to bring balance and joy to our lives as we have fun.

Including practical suggestions, projects and knowledge about how we can discover and embrace our own individual colour personality.

Contains lots of inspirational colour artwork

Brightly illustrated throughout and packed full of Theresa's inspired artwork, it aims to inspire the reader to use colour creatively for healing and wellbeing.

'The Art of Colour Therapy' is a journey of discovery

Each of the seven colours of the Rainbow is explored, using powerful visualisation and affirmation techniques alongside hands-on activities.

Suitable for children and adults, this learning tool is also a great way to learn more about colour with family and friends.

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