A poem by Chris May

A poem by Chris May

You are the type I like
For want of a fancy font
I’ll make do with standard letters
And I f I can’t say what I want
I’ll choose an emoji 

Words, feelings, arguments.
A dispute, a virtual riot
Text me when you have a moment
phone me when it’s quiet
Send me a voicemail 
I’ll receive it with a smale
Scroll on by when it’s gone stale

Spell check!
Thank you grately 
I still have sex daily
Sorry! I mean dyslexia!
Sorry about that comment on your post
I’m a keyboard warrior;
Can’t help but provoke
I found a letter that you wrote
I tried to read it note for note
Like the writing on the wall
But I couldn’t read all
For the tear stains
That dissolved the words
Instead I’ll listen to the birds
Tweet tweet.

I should not complain 
Or take the piss
Or badger those who
Just try to have a life
To the darkness
And of those who have no choices
Who call to us to raise our voices
The get the message out
To jump and shout
And scream!
“We can do this!”
Let’s do this! 
RSVP.. I’ll make some tea

Global vision
The World Wide Web 
Information, titillation 
Wars and starving millions
5 star dinners of the better fed
Charities for the ones with no home, no bed
“Can you help with small donations?”
The cracking at the seams of Nations
Desperations, congratulations. 
Didn’t he do well?

The note, the diary and the slate
Type it now, before it far too late
Tap tap tap.. communicate
Postulate, speculate, critique, and masturbate 
Send me a meme, a dream, a scheme, be mean, block the advert for ice cream!
Do you really understand just what I mean?
Twitter, Flicker, Instagram
Do you know or care who I really am?
Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, text…
What’s next? 
Do you like my virtual Avatar!
Hang on I’ll send a driverless car..
Are you going very far?
Out into the ‘real’ world 

Pain and sorrow
No past, no future 
No yesterday, no tomorrow 
Try to do just what suits ya
Be good, you know you should
Get your head out of the wood
Get your head out of the sand
And try to understand
The only given moment is this long now
To stand quite still; I don’t know how.
But I’m learning. 
The candles are burning
Meet a guru, take a bow.
But remember to become your own master
Hear and now