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Theresa Sundt – Colour Discovery

Theresa Sundt – Colour Discovery

Theresa Sundt is an stablished therapist using light and colour to bring about wellbeing and good health.

Fine Arts and History of Art graduate of Haifa University in Israel ensuring her working with colour to promote wellbeing since 1997.

In 2003 Theresa, became a certified colour therapist under the guidance of world renown colour therapists – Peter Mandel and has since gone on to write several industry acclaimed books and publications regarding the value and importance of using colour to aid wellbeing health and beauty

After gaining practical experience and insight into therapeutic benefits of light and colour, Theresa, went on to create a tried and tested colour therapy touch, which has become a tried and tested home delivering health and wellbeing tool.

In 2014, Theresa, co-aulthored, with Alison Standish ‘Know Your Colour Personality’ whitch has also become an important benchmark book for personal use at home.

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